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Sabor exposes the richness of Mexican cuisine with a new perspective, giving you a glimpse into the true essence of México. It is within this framework that Sabor’s menu was created. We take typical Mexican recipes and ingredients and prepare them with a “Modern Mexican” twist.

At Sabor we use organic, farm fresh ingredients. Our specials are created to highlight fresh caught and select seasonal flavors. From appetizer to entrée to dessert, our recipes focus on these ingredients and we let them shine. Our Summer/Spring menu is vibrant and dynamic with dishes such as fresh  Ceviche or Crudo, Jicama Tortilla Chicken Tacos, Heirloom Tomato Salad, and a selection of refreshing handmade sorbets and gelatos for dessert. The Fall/Winter menu focuses on warm, hearty flavors like Short Ribs in salsa guajillo, and Pork Belly Tacos, bread puddings. Some of the top choices served year round include Pollo en Mole Negro de Oaxaca, Cochinita Pibil, Chile Chocolate Creme Brulee, Fresh Churros and Flan.

The focus on distinct quality also extends to our bar, where hand muddled, artisanal cocktails are unique creations with fresh ingredients and top shelf liquors. We craft specialty margaritas that combine the flavors of each season like Watermelon-Strawberry or Jicama-Cucumber in the Summer and Peach-Vanilla or Pumpkin Spice in the Fall. We keep some of our customer’s favorites around all year long like the Coco-Pineapple, Hibiscus Flower, and Pineapple-Jalapeno.

We want to completely reinvent your “Modern Mexican” dining experience, not only through the cuisine, but through the décor as well. Sabor’s custom interior design combines contemporary and classic, with authentic furniture and décor shipped directly from Guadalajara and inspired by Colonial Villages throughout Mexico. Come visit us in one of our beautiful locations, now serving in Thousand Oaks and Valencia.